#AFIAENGLISH: You Are Already Selling,Using or Smoking ‘weed’, So Why are you advocating it’s legalisation?

Over the years, there have been some weesmokers and users advocating for the legalization of ‘marijuana’ also known as ‘weed’ in Ghana..The question I ask is;’IF YOU ARE ALREADY USING OR SMOKINGWEED,WHY ARE YOU SO DESPERATELY CALLING FOR IT’s LEGALISATION’?Recently,Ghana was ranked as the ‘No 1 weed taking Country’ surpasssing all those states who have legalised marijuana, so why are some wee smokers and users so desperate..Eventhough people know it is illegal,some people are already selling,using or smoking weed so why do you want the Government of Ghana to legalise marijuana when you know very well it’s negative effects outweigh its positive effects????If you want to use the point that it will help the economy like Mr Blakkrasta said,do notforget,even with our Cocoa,gold,diamonds,salt, and all the natural resources Ghana is endowed with,we are still poor so it is not your ‘weed’ which is going to save Ghana’s Economy..


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